Army Used Alcohol, Women In Recruiting

Army has self-reported a football recruiting violation stemming from a incident that took place earlier this year and has disciplined 20 cadets for promoting underage drinking, according to a report by the Gazette of Colorado Springs.

The Black Knights treated recruits to a party and dinner that included female cadets and  cheerleaders as dates for the recruits, cash from boosters, and a police escort.

The U.S. Military Academy acknowledged the misconduct. According to the report, two officers and two coaches were punished, but no one else involved will face any more discipline.

"Although seen as a minor infraction by the NCAA, the U.S. Military Academy takes this very seriously and adjudicated this at the highest level of the disciplinary code," West Point said in a statement. "We adjudicated this under Article 10 of the Cadet Disciplinary Code and all cadets appeared before the Commandant's Disciplinary Board."

All of the players involved are expected to play in Army's next game against Air Force on November 1.

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