5 Schools Which Treat Their Coaches With The Least Respect

Some coaching jobs are harder than others, especially when it comes to being a top program that's consistently answering to powerful boosters with inconsistent demands. These five programs may be the worst when it comes to a bipolar approach to hiring and firing coaches. Here's our list of the 5 Schools Which Treat Their Coaches With The Least Respect.

USC Trojans

The Steve Sarkisian drama was no fault of the USC athletic department, and Clay Helton looks like he could have staying power after being promoted from an interim role. However, the post of Trojans head coach comes with a scary amount of scrutiny both from boosters and fans. Ask Lane Kiffin. And Paul Hackett. And John Robinson who was fired in bizarre fashion. Unless you win early and often in So Cal, you don't have a chance.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish

We've got Notre Dame on this list for one main reason -- the way they did Tyrone Willingham dirty without giving him a fair chance to prove himself. After just three years, Willingham was dumped due to a lack of "on-field progress." Players considered boycotting the Insight Bowl after the firing, especially since seven coaches were out recruiting and were unable to say proper goodbyes to the kids before the firing. Somehow Charlie Weis lasted five years with worse results, so we really have no clue what happened there.

Tennessee Volunteers

The Vols ran Derek Dooley out of town with pitchforks held high. The city of Knoxville almost exploded when Lane Kiffin left town in the dead of night, but it's not as if he was given much reason to stay with the way he was treated by some of the higher-ups around the program. And then there's the indefensible way that Philip Fulmer was basically forced out after a fantastic 14-year career. That was a disgrace.

Auburn Tigers

Tommy Tuberville was run out of town one losing season removed from a five-out-of-six bowl winning streak. Gene Chizik got similar treatment, but he had a national title and was only given four years and one losing season. Somehow Gus Malzahn remains in the athletic department's good graces despite two disappointing seasons in a row, but he's one more iffy season from getting the axe. Not exactly a glowing track record, Auburn.

Michigan Wolverines

This centers on two coaches -- Rich Rodriguez and Brady Hoke. Rodriguez's coaching staff had shown signs of pushing the Wolverines around the corner, but he was given just three years and very little leeway to make things happen. Brady Hoke was basically treated like a joke in his fourth and final season, with multiple leaks and rumblings coming out of the program as he trudged ahead as a "lame duck." The Jim Harbaugh regime will likely last a lot longer, considering he's the ideal "Michigan Man." But, we're not holding our breath.

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