5 College Football Teams That Were Total Disasters In Week 7

Sometimes a loss is just a loss. There are even times when a loss is expected. However, sometimes a loss comes out of nowhere in the type of game that is just so bad that the coaches burn the game film and fans consume beverages to help them forget what just happened. These next five teams suffered those types of losses.

Kansas State Wildcats 

After falling 55-0 to Oklahoma, the Wildcats simply had to make an appearance this week. The Wildcats recorded only 110 yards, five times fewer than what Oklahoma racked up. Kansas State could only complete five passes. Nothing went right for KSU this week.

Ole Miss Rebels 

I thought Memphis was an underrated team entering this game, but that doesn't excuse #13 Ole Miss' loss. The Rebels let Paxton Lynch torch their defense for 384 yards, while the Ole Miss' offense could only muster 40 yards on the ground. Getting upset by an unranked team at this point in the season is a sure-fire way to make an appearance on this list. 

Northwestern Wildcats 

Northwestern's defense had played well this season, as had the whole team excluding the Michigan game, but the Wildcats laid an egg against Iowa. The Hawkeyes dropped 40 on Northwestern, while the Wildcats could only muster 10 points. In a game that Northwestern had to win in order to make a run at a Big Ten West title, the Wildcats came up empty. Iowa ran for 294 yards against Northwestern. 

UCLA Bruins 

Just because UCLA played on a Thursday Night doesn't mean they avoid the disaster label. UCLA let Stanford run all over them, giving up 310 yards on 48 carries. Christian McCaffrey ran the ball 25 times for a massive 243 yards and 4 TDs. The Bruins' offense put up 35 points, which should be enough to beat Stanford, but the UCLA defense came up empty. 

Boise State Broncos

Boise makes this list for one simple reason: The Broncos turned the ball over 8 times. That's not a typo. The Broncos threw 3 INTs and fumbled the ball 5 times. Not surprisingly, Utah State upset Boise State 52-26. Boise is an obvious choice to make this list. 

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