5 College Football Teams That Were Total Disasters On Saturday

Sometimes a loss is just a loss. However, sometimes a loss is a great big pile of sadness and anguish which makes fans of a college football team head out to the bars REALLY early on a Saturday night. These next five teams suffered those types of losses.

5. Georgia Bulldogs

Want to know a not-so-great way to follow up the most embarassing big-game loss your program has seen in years? How about squandering a 24-3 2nd quarter lead to a Vols team that just loss to Bret Bielema of all coaches. Things don't look to get much better for UGA after RB Nick Chubb went down with a gruesome leg injury early on Saturday. 

4. Kansas Jayhawks

The Jayhawks are 0-5 after today's 66-7 loss to Baylor in large part to the 644 yards of total offense they gave up to the Bears. Two quarterbacks (Seth Russell, Jarrett Stidham) threw five combined touchdowns against a Jayhawks secondary which wouldn't be able to hack it in Texas prep football, let alone in the Big 12.

3. Northwestern Wildcats

Overrated much? The #13 Wildcats came into today's game with #18 Michigan feeling fantastic with a 5-0 record to their credit. They came out of it looking shellshocked and overmatched after taking a 38-0 punch to the jaw from a streaking Wolverines team. For the one person in America who did it as a lark -- cross out Northwestern on your preseason College Football Playoff pick'em office pool sheet.

2. Nebraska Cornhuskers

Mike Riley's Huskers have lost FOUR games in the most brutal of fashions this year -- a Hail Mary to BYU, an aborted OT comeback against Miami, on a touchdown on the last play of scrimmage agaisnt Illinois and on a last-minute field goal today in a game they had salted away against Wisconsin. There's snake-bitten and there's CHOKING in the clutch. Nebraska's season falls in the latter category.

1. Oklahoma Sooners

The #10 Sooners were picked by many to roll over the Texas Longhorns by approximately a KAJILLION points today. That didn't happen. Oklahoma's run game forgot to show up at the Cotton Bowl in a demoralizing 24-17 loss to a Texas team that already has had a litany of eulogies written for its season. Boo(ooooooooooo)mer....

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