5 College Football Teams With Something To Prove This Weekend - And Why

It's Week 7 of College Football, with several games that have College Football Playoff implications. Most of the teams in these games have something to prove. Although you can make the argument that every team has something to prove this weekend, we've narrowed it down. Here are five college football teams with something to prove this weekend, and why. 

Both Michigan Schools 

I'm merging these into one, because both schools are looking to prove the same things. They both want to prove that they are the best team in Michigan and that they are legit College Football Playoff contenders. Michigan State has struggled against lesser Big Ten teams, but beating Michigan would calm any doubts. Michigan already has one loss, and can't afford another. 

Florida Gators 

The Gators are undefeated, but need to prove themselves now that QB Will Grier is out for the season. Florida has a tough matchup against an LSU featuring the best RB in the nation in Leonard Fournette, so it's do or die for Florida. While a loss this week wouldn't ruin their SEC East chances, it would be a big win for the team and QB Treon Harris. 

Memphis Tigers

Memphis has a matchup against Ole Miss, a game that could prove Memphis is worthy of making a push for the College Football Playoff. If Memphis can't win this game, the Tigers are likely out of the playoff race. This is a game that Memphis can use to establish itself in the college football world. 

Alabama Crimson Tide

Alabama faces Texas A&M in a battle of Top Ten SEC West teams. You can make a strong argument that both teams have the same thing to prove: that they are legit SEC West contenders. Both teams still have to play LSU, but Alabama needs this game more. A second SEC loss this early in the season could be the end of Bama's SEC title hopes. It's time for Alabama to prove that this team can win a big game. 

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