The 4 Best Defenses In College Football In 2015

The adage "defense wins championships" may be a cliche, but it's a cliche for a reason. You don't get very far in college football with just an explosive offense - you need some punch to back it up. These 4 college football programs stand out above the rest when it comes to pure defensive intensity and dominance this year:

4) Boston College Eagles

Boston College hasn't played the best competition (Maine, Howard, and Northern Illinois along with Florida State), but are far and away the best defense in the country in terms of yards allowed per game. The Eagles give up just 118 yards each outing - 85 yards per game less than anyone else in the country. Their defense will allow them to win a lot of games they shouldn't.

3) Ohio State Buckeyes

There's too much individual talent on this defense to dock Ohio State for finishing 26th in scoring defense and 25th in yards per play in 2014. DE Joey Bosa, LB Darron Lee and safety Von Bell aren't just impact players -- they're superstars that'd key any defense in the country, excluding none. The Buckeyes currently rank 6th in the country in total defense and 10th in scoring defense, and will only get better as the season goes on.

2) Ole Miss Rebels

Ole Miss' "Land Shark" was one of the best defenses in the country last, and save their bowl game embarrassment against TCU, were absolutely dominant. The best part? They're better this year.

The Rebels are smart, explosive, and athletic, and attack the ball with reckless abandon. They give up less than 20 points per game, give up just over four yards per play, and average over seven tackles for loss per game. Former No. 1 overall recruit Robert Nkemdiche still leads the unit at defensive tackle, and with eight returning starters, Ole Miss is dominant on defense - a scary proposition for other teams around the SEC.

1) Michigan Wolverines

Move over, Michigan State.

The Wolverines gave up just 105 total yards to BYU this weekend, showcasing how dominant they've been under Jim Harbaugh. Michigan is giving up less than 10 points per game (4th in the country) and rank 2nd in the country in total defense. They've continued to improve with each game this season, and their play is going to make them an extremely dangerous threat in the Big Ten race.

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