2016 NCAA Tournament Odds: Complete List Of Betting Lines, Favorites, Underdogs

March Madness is well underway, as the 2016 NCAA Tournament field has been officially revealed. People around the country will begin filling out their brackets, it's time to take a look at which teams have the highest odds and are considered the favorites. 

The usual suspects led the way this year, with Michigan State, North Carolina and Kansas at the top of the list. While you can bet on any team, taking the field (or the teams not listed below) is coming in at 75-1 odds. As whole the odds seem weighted in favor of big-name teams. For more March Madness coverage, download the Chat Sports Android and iPhone app

As Vegas adjusts their odds (and they've done so since the original article was published), we'll do the same. We've listed the team, seed and odds below. With that in mind, here are the 2016 NCAA Tournaments Odds according to Vegas Insiders

T-1. Kansas, 5-1
T-1. North Carolina, 5-1
T-1. Michigan State, 5-1
4. Kentucky, 12-1
5. Virginia, 15-1
T-6. Oregon, 18-1
T-6. Villanova, 18-1
8. Oklahoma, 20-1
T-9. Xavier, 25-1
T-9. Duke, 25-1
T-9. West Virginia, 25-1
T-12. Indiana, 30-1
T-12. Maryland, 30-1
T-12. Miami, Fl., 30-1
T-15. Purdue, 35-1
T-15. California, 35/-1
T-17. Texas A&M, 40-1
T-17. Arizona, 40-1
19. Utah, 45-1
20. Baylor, 50-1
T-21. Iowa State, 60-1
T-21. Texas, 60-1
T-23. Wichita State, 75-1
T-23. Wisconsin, 75-1
T-23. Seton Hall, 75-1
T-23. Notre Dame, 75-1
T-23. Iowa, 75-1
T-28. UConn, 100-1
T-28. Gonzaga, 100-1
T-28. Providence, 100-1
T-28. Dayton, 100-1
T-32. Oregon State, 150-1
T-32. Cincinnati, 150-1
T-32. Michigan, 150-1
T-32. Butler, 150-1
T-32. Vanderbilt, 150-1
T-37. St. Joseph's, 200-1
T-37. VCU, 200-1
T-37. USC, 200-1
T-40. Syracuse, 250-1
T-41. Pittsburgh, 250-1
T-41. Colorado, 250-1
43. Texas Tech, 300-1
44. Northern Iowa, 350-1
T-45. Buffalo, 500-1
T-45. Chattanooga, 500-1
T-45. Hawaii, 500-1
T-45. Fresno State, 500-1
T-45. Tulsa, 500-1
T-45. Temple, 500-1
T-45. Stephen F. Austin, 500-1
51. Arkansas Little Rock, 750-1
T-53. Green Bay, 1000-1
T-53. Middle Tennessee State, 1000-1
T-53. Stony Brook, 1000-1
T-53. Iona, 1000-1
T-57. South Dakota State, 1500-1
T-57. Yale, 1500-1
T-57. UNC Wilmington, 1500-1
T-60. Southern U, 5000-1
T-60. Hampton, 5000-1
T-60. UNC Asheville, 5000-1
T-60. Florida Gulf Coast, 5000-1
T-60. Weber State, 5000-1
T-60. Austin Peay, 5000-1
T-60. CSU Bakersfield, 5000-1
T-60. Farleigh Dickinson, 5000-1
68. Holy Cross, 9999-1

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