2015 Official NCAA March Madness Drinking Game

We hope the rest of you are enjoying the NCAA Tournament as much as we are! If you aren’t, that means one of two things: you either didn't fill out a bracket (you can do that here) or are too sober. Fortunately, we have a solution…the ultimate March Madness drinking game! No basketball knowledge is required, and all you need to get started is a beer (or multiple beers…your mileage may vary) and a few friends.

Drink once if…

Someone flops but gets the foul call

Someone makes a three-pointer

Someone dunks

The announcers mention anything about Kentucky (in-game updates don't count)

A lower-seed is described as a “Cinderella”

Drink twice if…

A coach throws his jacket

Someone gets a flagrant or technical foul

Someone jumps into the crowd

Someone banks in a three-pointer

The announcers mention past upsets a team has been involved in

Finish your drink if…

Someone gets ejected

Someone makes a buzzer-beater

A team pulls off an upset (Feel free to grab another drink if you picked it!)

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