2014 Heisman Power Rankings: Is Brett Hundley A True Contender?

Just when we thought we knew how the Heisman race was going to turn out, everything changed. First, Wisconsin RB Melvin Gordon's record-setting performance through him to the forefront of the discussion, and now UCLA QB Brett Hundley is threatening to do the same.

He led the Bruins to a big win over USC this past weekend, and will have his team playing in the Pac-12 Championship Game if they can beat Stanford this weekend.

Where does Hundley fit in our Heisman Power Rankings, and how does his rise shape the rest of the race?


10) Tevin Coleman, RB, Indiana

Previously Ranked: NR

Last Week: 228 yards, 3 TDs in 47-27 loss at Ohio State

Up Next: Sat. vs. Purdue

Season Stats: 1,906 rushing yards, 15 TDs, 7.9 YPC

Indiana is only 3-8 on the season, but Coleman has proven that he's one of the best running backs in the country. He's set to pass 2,000 yards this weekend, which is a huge accomplishment and deserves a mention, but Coleman won't win the Heisman because of the team he plays for.

9) Jameis Winston, QB, Florida State

Previously Ranked: 6

Last Week: 281 passing yards, 1 TD, 1 INTs in 20-17 win over Boston College

Up Next: Sat. vs. Florida

Season Stats: 3,125 passing yards, 19 TDs, 13 INTs

Jameis Winston and Florida State continue to pull out narrow victories over lesser teams, but Winston hasn't looked like the player than won the Heisman last year. He's still in the running because he's led his team to (another) undefeated season so far, but he won't win the award for the second time unless he drastically improves his play.

8 ) Samaje Perine, RB, Oklahoma

Previously Ranked: NR

Last Week: 427 yards, 5 TDs in 44-7 win over Kansas

Up Next: Bye

Season Stats: 1,428 rushing yards, 19 TDs, 6.7 YPC

Nothing will throw you into the Heisman conversation quite like breaking an NCAA record. Just one week after Wisconsin's Melvin Gordon broke former TCU RB LaDainian Tomlinson's record with 408 rushing yards against Nebraska, Perine broke that with 427 yards against Kansas. The freshman (yeah, he's a true freshman!) has cemented himself as the Sooners' top runner in their three-back rotation, and should be a Heisman candidate for the next two seasons.

7) Amari Cooper, WR, Alabama

Previously Ranked: 5

Last Week: 3 catches, 46 yards in 48-14 win over Western Carolina

Up Next: Sat. vs. Auburn

Season Stats: 90 receptions, 1,349 yards, 11 TDs

Cooper left the game against Western Carolina in the first half with a knee injury, and didn't return to the game even though head coach Nick Saban said he could have. All signs point to Cooper being his usual self against Auburn, but he now has very little chance of winning the Heisman. He was already at a disadvantage because of the position he plays, and he needed to put up eye-popping numbers to truly contend. Cooper can still do that against Auburn and then in the SEC Championship Game, but it likely won't be enough.

6) Dak Prescott, QB, Mississippi State

Previously Ranked: 7

Last Week: 193 passing yards, 3 TDs, 0 INTs – 30 rushing yards, 1 TD in 51-0 win over Vanderbilt

Up Next: Sat. at Ole Miss

Season Stats: 2,714 passing yards, 23 TDs, 10 INTs – 891 rushing yards, 12 TDs

Prescott played well in limited time against Vanderbilt as the Bulldogs got back to their winning ways. He has a big stage to make one last Heisman statement against Ole Miss on Saturday, but he may have fallen too far behind in the race to have any chance of winning the award.


5) Brett Hundley, QB, UCLA

Previously Ranked: 9

Last Week: 326 passing yards, 3 TDs, 1 INT – 2 rushing yards, 1 TD in 38-20 win vs. USC

Up Next: Fri. vs. Stanford

Season Stats: 2,873 passing yards, 20 TDs, 5 INTs – 566 rushing yards, 8 TDs

Hundley threw a pick-six on his first pass of the night against USC, but responded with one of the best games of the season in a huge primetime win. His stock is rising (along with UCLA's), and he still has a chance to jump to the top of the Heisman race should the Bruins make the Pac-12 Championship Game and upset Oregon. Hundley just needs to continue to play well, and he has a shot to be this year's late-charging dark horse.

4) J.T. Barrett, QB, Ohio State

Previously Ranked: 4

Last Week: 302 passing yards, 4 TDs, 2 INTs – 78 rushing yards in 42-27 win over Indiana

Up Next: Sat. vs. Michigan

Season Stats: 2,658 passing yards, 33 TDs, 10 INTs – 849 rushing yards, 9 TDs

Barrett did not have a great game against Indiana, but he rebounded from a sloppy start and led his team to a come-from-behind victory. He's still in good position to win the award if he plays well and leads the Buckeyes to the College Football Playoff, but for that to happen, some of the players (and teams) ahead of him need to lose.

3) Trevone Boykin, QB, TCU

Previously Ranked: 3

Last Week: Bye

Up Next: Thurs. at Texas

Season Stats: 3,021 passing yards, 24 TDs, 5 INTs – 548 rushing yards, 7 TDs

Boykin stays in the third spot because his team didn't play, but he desperately needs to have a big game at Texas to keep his Heisman hopes alive. His stock is falling after a terrible performance against Kansas, while his competitors continue to play well. If he can't things back on track, look for him to fall completely out of the Heisman picture.


2) Melvin Gordon, RB, Wisconsin

Previously Ranked: 2

Last Week: 200 rushing yards, 2 TDs in 26-24 win at Iowa

Up Next: Sat. vs. Minnesota

Season Stats: 2,109 rushing yards, 25 TDs, 8.3 YPC

Gordon saw his NCAA record for single-game rushing yards get broken after he held it for just a week, but he continued to help his Heisman candidacy with another huge performance. He's on track to put up the best statistical season any running back has had since Barry Sanders' 1988 campaign. Gordon is still behind Mariota in the minds of most voters, but if he can lead Wisconsin to a Big Ten title, he'll have a very real shot at winning no matter what Mariota does the rest of the way.

1) Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon

Previously Ranked: 1

Last Week: 323 passing yards, 3 TDs, 0 INTs - 73 rushing yards, 1 TD in 44-10 win over Colorado

Up Next: Sat. at Oregon State

Season Stats: 3,103 passing yards, 32 TDs, 2 INT – 597 rushing yards, 9 TDs

Mariota put up another flawless performance against Colorado this past weekend to keep a firm hold on the top spot in the Heisman race. He has one more big game left in the Pac-12 Championship to add to his already impressive resume. This race is his to lose, and if he can carry Oregon to the College Football Playoff, he should win the award.

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