14 Ways You Know You're an SEC Fan

We're only five months away from the start of the 2015 college football season! But if you're an SEC fan, you already knew that.

Full disclosure: I am a proud South Carolina grad that had to become indoctrinated into the SEC. The biggest thing I learned? SEC fans are a special breed - and by that we mean we're the best.

Here are 14 ways you know you belong in this group:

14) Omaha and Atlanta are your two favorite places


Omaha being the home of the College World Series, and Atlanta is where the SEC Championship game is every year. If you didn't know those two cities - or ask which sport's championship game is in Atlanta - you're not an SEC fan.

13) You have an obscene amount of conference pride...


SEC fans always root for each other whenever they play a team not in the SEC. Every team carries that conference banner and we're out to prove we're better than you. It's like we're all best friends...

12) ... Yet every SEC team you play is a rival


...until we play each other. Then we're out for blood. Even the teams you normally don't care about become your worst enemy.

"Oh, we're playing Kentucky this week in football? Who cares? We're just gonna steamroll them."

"But remember when they beat us three years ago and kept us from going to the SEC Championship Game?"

"Oh yeah. Eff Kentucky!!!"

It's just that simple.

11) You love to talk bad about ACC football whenever possible


They're the little brother that thinks they belong because they have Florida State, but they really don't and you love to remind them of that. They can talk all they want about basketball because...

10) Basketball is just a one-month bridge between football and baseball


Except for in Kentucky. Then #BallIsLife.

9) You either love or hate your team's head football coach


You either think he should have a shrine outside your football stadium or think he should've been fired yesterday. There is no "I think he could turn things around", no middle ground. You love him or hate him, and that's just the way it is.

8 ) You hate Nick Saban - unless you're an Alabama fan, of course


He's like this little evil dictator that won't stop killing everyone else! It's so frustrating to have Alabama always win everything! He's always so smug about it, too.

But once they beat all of us, you better believe we become the biggest Saban fans ever in national championship games.

7) You plan your life around 3 1/2 hours every Saturday


If the phrase "Do we even need to watch this week?" has ever come out of your mouth, you're not an SEC fan.

6) Bye weeks are the worst weeks


No game?!? What do we have to look forward to?

5) You've already switched to Dish or U-verse for the SEC Network


There is no way in the world you're even going to risk missing a second of anything your team does. Nope.

4) Your morning reading consists of football recruiting reports


The only thing that matters as much as how your team does on Saturday is how they're going to do next year.

3) Road games are almost as fun as home games


Athens is crazy. Knoxville has great food. Nashville has night life. Gainesville becomes a different place. Baton Rouge becomes New Orleans 2.0.

Yeah, you wouldn't mind going to those places. Especially if you win.

2) You think of tailgating as an art form

Football games aren't just games - they're day-long events that start when the parking lots open. Every school has their own awesome traditions when it comes to tailgating, but nothing in the country tops The Grove.


"Ole Miss never loses a party." Classic.

1) You know non-SEC fans will never understand


People say SEC fans are crazy. We agree, but wouldn't have it any other way.

What else makes an SEC fan? Do you have any crazy SEC fan stories? Tweet your thoughts and responses to @brauf33.

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