WOW: Manute Bol's 15-Year-Old Son Is A Six-Foot-Eleven BALLER

Legendary Sudanese-born center Manute Bol is a true giant in the annals of NBA history, listed as one of the two tallest players in the history of the league at an astounding 7-foot-7.

Bol, a noted political activist and one of the NBA's true good guys, passed away in 2010 from acute kidney failure, yet his legend is alive and well in his 15-year-old son, Bol Bol.

Already measuring in at 6-foot-11 at the beginning of his adolescence, Bol Bol likely has some major growing to do in the coming years. His basketball game, however? It's about as advanced and jaw-dropping as you can possibly expect from a kid at the beginning of his high school years.

The above video, courtesy of Courtside Films, will give you an inside look into Bol Bol's unique, guard-like game and provide a taste of what college scouts will be dreaming about as he gets closer to graduation.

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