Who Was The No. 1 Pick In The NBA Draft Last Year? Recapping 2016 And The Last Decade Of No. 1 Selections

The 2017 NBA Draft is Thursday night and one player will join an exclusive list: being the first overall pick. Markelle Fultz of Washington is the expected No. 1 overall selection this year, but who was the selection last year? Below is the answer to that question, as well as the last 10 No. 1 overall picks. 

2016: Ben Simmons, F, 76ers
Simmons has yet to play in the NBA after missing all of this past season with a foot injury. The LSU product should be ready for the start of the 2017 season. 

2015: Karl Anthony-Towns, C, Timberwolves
The Kentucky big man has already emerged as one of the best young bigs in the NBA. His defense can still use some work, but he averaged 25.1 points and 12.3 rebounds last year. He also shot nearly 37 percent from 3-point range. He's a budding superstar. 

2014: Andrew Wiggins, SF, Cavaliers
Wiggins was drafted by the Cavs, but they shipped him to the Timberwolves as part of the Kevin Love trade. He put up 23 points per game this year and the Kansas product year is part of a talented young core in Minnesota. 

2013: Anthony Bennett, PF, Cavaliers
The UNLV player was a surprise No. 1 overall pick, but is already out of the NBA. He was part of the Wiggins-Love trade, but Bennet has already established himself as one of the biggest busts in NBA history. It was a bad draft class overall, but Bennett never topped 5.2 points per game in a season. 

2012: Anthony Davis, PF, Pelicans 
Drafted by the then-Hornets out of Kentucky, Davis is one the top players in the NBA. Stuck on a bad Pelicans team, he's still put up MVP-caliber numbers. He's still just 24 years old and might not be done improving his game. 

2011: Kyrie Irving, PG, Cavaliers
One of three No. 1 overall picks the Cavs have had since 2010, Irving is the best of the bunch. The No. 1 pick didn't belong to the Cavs, but rather to the Clippers, who traded it away as part of a Baron Davis salary dump. The Cavs had just a 2.8 percent of getting the top pick, but lucked out. Irving is one of the top young PGs in the NBA. 

2010: John Wall, PG, Wizards
Yet another UK player, Wall is coming off perhaps his best season yet. The highly athletic point guard has thrived in Washington and is one of the best at his position. 

2009: Blake Griffin, PF, Clippers
Various injuries have limited Griffin (and the Clippers) from making the most of their time together. Still, the former Oklahoma Sooner is one of the better PFs and dunkers in the NBA. He'll be a free agent soon and could leave the Clippers. 

2008: Derrick Rose, PG, Bulls
Had Rose not dealt with various knee and leg injuries, he'd still be one of the best players in the NBA and the Bulls might have even won another NBA title. Instead, the injuries have sapped too much of his ability and he's coming off a down year for the New York Knicks. The former Memphis player will likely find another new home this offseason. 

2007: Greg Oden, C, Trail Blazers
The injuries Rose and Griffin suffered don't come close to matching those of Oden. The Ohio State product was taken before Kevin Durant, but just like Sam Bowie and Michael Jordan, the big man ended up being the lesser player. He played only two seasons with the Blazers because of injuries, plus a short stop with the Miami Heat. Had Oden stayed healthy, he had the potential to be a truly great big man. 

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