What We Learned From The Warriors Win Over The Cavs In Game 3 Of The NBA Finals

The NBA Finals finally produced a thrilling game, as the Golden State Warriors ended the game on an 11-0 run to comeback and beat the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs led late, but failed to score in the final three minutes and the Warriors made them pay. Now up 3-0, the Warriors can do what's never been done before: go undefeated in the playoffs. 

Here are three things we learned from the Warriors' Game 3 win over the Cavs. 

LeBron Was Amazing And So Was Kyrie
For the third time this series, LeBron James was great. He nearly posted a triple-double, racking up 39 points, 11 rebounds and nine assists. He would have had a triple-double and picked up a win if Kyle Korver had hit a late 3-pointer. He finally got some help from Kyrie Irving, who racked up 38 points and so many highlight plays I lost count. Despite the 77 points and 12 assists from those two, the Cavs still couldn't pick up a win. 

It Still Wasn't Enough
Once again, the role players around the Cavs didn't step up like they needed to. J.R. Smith did this time, but Kevin Love struggled throughout and the Cavs other players weren't quite good enough to beat the loaded Warriors. The Cavs played well enough to beat every other team in the NBA by double-digits. But it's still not enough. 

James and Irving combined for 77 points on 31 of 56 shooting (55.3 percent). But the rest of the Cavs posted 36 points on 9 of 34 shooting (26.4 percent). Most of those looks are good ones and the Cavs simply can't get them to fall. The Cavs are an amazing team, but the way the Warriors are playing right now, the Cavs need to be almost perfect. That was the case for a good chunk of Game 3, but the Cavs faltered in the final few minutes. There's no choking done by LeBron or Kyrie or whomever - this is just a historical great Warriors team (perhaps the best ever) outplaying everyone. 

This Series Is Over And KD Is Finals MVP
The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead last year, but they sure as hell aren't blowing a 3-0 lead this time. This series is over. The Cavs had this game - they were one or two plays away from getting back in the series, but the Warriors took the Cavs best punch and delivered the knock out blow. Durant is the Finals MVP, without a doubt. He was the best player on the court in Games 1 and 2 and then took over late for the Warriors in Game 3 to get the win. This is why he left Oklahoma City. 

The Warriors have a chance to go undefeated in the playoffs. Do that, and they'll have a real claim to being the greatest team ever. 

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