Vegas Releases Gambling Odds On Who Will Win 2017 NBA MVP

Stephen Curry and LeBron James have cemented themselves has the two best basketball players in the world, yet neither player is the betting favorite to win the MVP award this season. 

That honor belongs to Russell Westbrook.

In the latest odds released by Bovada, Westbrook has twice as good of odds to win as both Curry and James. However, those three are the clear frontrunners, ranking very far ahead from the rest of the group. 

Here are Bovada's full top 10 rankings, plus the odds each player has:

Russell Westbrook - 2/1
Stephen Curry - 4/1
LeBron James - 5/1
Kevin Durant - 12/1
Anthony Davis - 16/1
Kawhi Leonard - 16/1
James Harden - 16/1
Paul George - 22/1
Blake Griffin - 22/1
Damian Lillard - 28/1

Curry, the reigning back-to-back MVP, is expected to take somewhat of a step back this season with the arrival of Kevin Durant in Golden State. However, Durant's departure from Oklahoma City leaves Russell Westbrook as the unquestioned lead dog on the Thunder.

Westbrook is expected to have a monster season, based off his previous career performances without Durant. When KD missed the last half of the 2014-15 season with foot injuries, Westbrook put up 10 triple-doubles in the last two and a half months of the season. In the same time frame this past season (with a healthy Durant), he had 13 triple-doubles.

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