Top 10 NBA Free Agents Remaining

With NBA free agency winding down, we look at the 10 best free agents still on the market and give you our prediction for where they could end up signing! We cover all of the RFAs still on the board, including Rockets C Clint Capela, Bucks PF Jabari Parker, Celtics SG Marcus Smart, and Bulls SG Zach LaVine as they await offer sheets from other teams.

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We also cover the unrestricted free agents remaining such as Isaiah Thomas, Brook Lopez, and Wayne Ellington as they await to see where they will be playing in 2019. All 3 of them are competent scorers and may be the last missing piece to a team’s title run

Here is our full list of players:
- Rodney Hood
- Wayne Ellington
- Brook Lopez
- Dwyane Wade
- Jusuf Nurkic
- Zach LaVine
- Isaiah Thomas
- Marcus Smart
- Jabari Parker
- Clint Capela

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