Sunday Night's NBA All-Star Game: The Five Biggest Winners

The 2022 NBA All-Star Weekend took place on Sunday night in Cleveland, with the league's greatest talents facing off. After Team LeBron, led by LeBron James defeated Team Durant, led by Kevin Durant for the second consecutive season, Stephen Curry was chosen MVP of the 71st NBA All-Star Game.

Giannis Antetokounmpo and Cole Anthony put on a show in Cleveland, despite not getting the desired result. Here are the night's greatest winners.

#1. Stephen Curry
Get out of the way when Stephen Curry takes to the stage. Curry was doing Curry things, which meant he couldn't go wrong. NBA fans betting on Betway were looking forward to the event like a NBA final, and it did not disappoint. In the first half, the league's all-time 3-point leader made more 3s than any player has ever made in an NBA All-Star Game half.

Then he went on to set a new NBA All-Star Game record with 16 three-pointers. Curry was a man on a mission.

As expected by online betting fans, the eventual MVP finished with a 50-point performance, two points short of Anthony Davis's 2017 mark (52), and added the new Kobe Bryant Trophy to his impressive portfolio.

#2. Giannis Antetokounmpo
Nobody has ever tackled the Skills Challenge with the same intensity as Giannis Antetokounmpo, the reigning Finals MVP who had no business taking part and acted as if his life relied on the outcome.

Giannis scored eight points in Team Shooting, but what's more important than his score is how he treated a meaningless event in which he's vastly overqualified like the NBA Finals. Giannis sped through the drill after starting it off with a 5-pointer.

Giannis acted as though the Bucks had recently progressed in the playoffs after the Antetokounmpo Brothers' victory in the previous round. After that, he suffered in the relay but attacked it with maniacal zeal. Even though he lost, Giannis's caring attitude made a perplexing, absurd spectacle far more fun than it ought to be. When he was eliminated, he was heartbroken. 

#3. Karl-Anthony Towns
His case for being the finest shooting big man of all time received a boost that he didn't really need. First, Towns tied Trae Young for 22 points in Round 1 of the three-point challenge, advancing him to the final round alongside Luke Kennard. Then, a few minutes later, Towns hit an incredible 29—the greatest score in the last round—to become the NBA's first and only three-point champion

Towns was also the only competitor who didn't have to bend his knees to release each shot. Towns make swishing threes appear to be a breeze.

How does anyone fare on the All-Star Game? Saturday night's performance did not influence their chances of making an All-NBA team. But it served as a fantastic reminder of how outstanding KAT has been throughout the year. 

The season is not over yet, and you can bet on the remaining matches with Betway.

#4. Evan Mobley
He won the Skills Challenge on his first try by flicking in a half-court shot. According to Cavs point guard Darius Garland he's also "literally a unicorn," which is hard to dispute!

#5. DJ Khaled 
He'd never perform during All-Star Weekend, they declared. This was, however, his third appearance at All-Star Weekend. Khaled put Mary J. Blige, Ludacris, Lil Wayne, Migos, Gunna, and Lil Baby on the same stage for it. This man was born to win.

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