Report: Heat Interested In Trading For Dwight Howard

The NBA Trade Deadline is only a few days away, which means the rumor mill around the association is churning at full speed. The latest intriguing rumor focuses on the Miami Heat hoping to acquire Dwight Howard. 

The report comes from Frank Isola of the New York Daily News, who says the Houston Rockets are talking about a deal with Miami that would send Howard to the Heat in exchange for center Hassan Whiteside. 

The Rockets have struggled this season, and Howard can become a free agent after this offseason. He's expected to opt-out of his deal and seems unlikely he'll return to Houston after this season. The same is true of Whiteside, and the Heat will likely not retain him after this offseason. 

Because of the massive salary cap differences, a straight-up trade would not work for the deal. The Heat would need to include a few extra pieces and Luol Deng almost has to be included.

This deal would be a true blockbuster, but it remains firm in the rumor category for now. Download the Chat Sports Android and iPhone app to stay updated on all the last NBA Trade Deadline action. 

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