Rauf’s Week 6 NBA Power Rankings: Pacers Crack Top Three, New Team At Bottom

We're already almost a quarter of the way through the NBA regular season, and we've already seen several surprising teams this year while other would-be contenders might be destined for the lottery this year. How do all of the teams project to stack up against each other early this season? Find out in our 2015-16 Week 6 NBA Power Rankings:

1) Golden State Warriors (19-0)

The Warriors 19-0 start set the record for best start to a season in NBA history, and are playing so much better that everyone else that they probably won't fall from the top spot all season. 

2) San Antonio Spurs (14-4)

San Antontio's five-game win streak was snapped by Chicago in their last game, but at 14-4 against a tough Western Conference schedule, they're still head and shoulders above everyone not named Golden State.

3) Indiana Pacers (11-5)

Indiana has been absolutely on fire after an 0-3 start, posting the league's best defense over the past 13 games while winning 11 games during that time span. Right now, it looks like they've unseated the Cavs as the best team in the East - though that will probably change when the Cavs get Kyrie Irving back.

4) Cleveland Cavaliers (13-5)

Cleveland has tapered off after a strong start, losing to both the Raptors and Wizards over the past week. Still, they've shown they're one of the best teams in the league.

5) Oklahoma City Thunder (11-7)

OKC was 3-3 without Durant, but have played like the team we thought they'd be in his return, winning four of their last five games.

6) Miami Heat (10-6)

Miami has won seven of their last 10 games, and seem to have separated themselves from the Hawks and Raptors in a crowded Eastern Conference.

7) Toronto Raptors (11-7)

Toronto has struggled since starting the season 5-0, but have won four of their last five games and seem to have gotten back on track.

8) Atlanta Hawks (12-8)

Atlanta has traded wins and losses over the last seven games, but their seven-game win streak earlier this seasons shows they're among the best teams in the league.

9) Dallas Mavericks (11-8)

Perhaps the most underrated team in the league, the Mavs rebounded from a three-game losing streak to win two of their last three.

10) Chicago Bulls (10-5)

Chicago's win over the Spurs is a great sign going forward, but they've still traded wins and losses over their last five games and have failed to hold onto any momentum.

11) Charlotte Hornets (10-7)

Charlotte has managed to rebound nicely from a 0-3 start and has been one of the most improved teams in the league, winning six of their last eight games.

12) Memphis Grizzlies (11-0)

Memphis has rebounded from their nearly catastrophic start and caught fire, winning eight of their last 10 games.

13) Utah Jazz (8-8)

Utah has still struggled against the top teams in the West (who they've face a lot early this year), but have proven they're an above average team.

14) Los Angeles Clippers (10-8)

LA has recovered from a disastrous stretch where they lost seven of nine games, winning four of their last five games against lesser competition.

15) Boston Celtics (10-8)

Boston is another team that has failed to really gain any footing this year, but are heading in the right direction and should make the playoffs.

16) Orlando Magic (10-8)

Orlando is finally starting to deliver on their preseason promise, winning four games in a row.

17) Minnesota Timberwolves (8-10)

Minnesota has tapered off since their promising start, but seem to have recovered, winning three of their last five games. 

18) New York Knicks (8-10)

The hype has died a bit around the Knicks after four straight losses, but they've shown they're a much-improved team this year.

19) Phoenix Suns (8-1-)

Phoenix's success was short-lived as they followed their three-game win streak by losing six of their last eight.

20) Detroit Pistons (9-9)

Detroit's 5-1 start was very surprising, but they've lost four of their last six games and are trending in the wrong direction.

21) Washington Wizards (7-8)

Just when Washington was headed in the right direction, they've lost four of their last five games.

22) Sacramento Kings (7-12)

Sacramento is trending in the right direction and playing much better, but we haven't seen the results on the scoreboard yet, losing three of their last five games.

23) New Orleans Pelicans (4-14)

New Orleans won three in a row after winning just one of their first 12 games, but a three-game losing streak has set them back a long way. Still, they're finally starting ot get healthy and should start playing much better.

24) Portland Trail Blazers (7-12)

Portland has cooled off drastically after a hot start, losing 10 of their last 13 games.

25) Denver Nuggets (6-12)

Denver is absolutely reeling, losing seven in a row and eight of their last nine.

26) Houston Rockets (7-11)

The trainwreck that is the Rockets haven't gotten better since firing head coach Kevin McHale, losing eight of their last 11 games.

27) Brooklyn Nets (5-13)

Brooklyn has shown much more fight of late against a tough schedule, winning three of their last five games.

28) Milwaukee Bucks (7-11)

Milwaukee has failed to deliver on their preseason expectations, losing eight of their last 11 games.

29) Philadelphia 76ers (1-18)

The Sixers finally got their first victory over the Lakers, which was enough to pull them out of the power rankings basement.

30) Los Angeles Lakers (2-15)

We knew the Lakers would be bad, but this is REALLY bad. They're getting blown out more often than not and have lost seven games in a row.

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