Ranking The 5 Worst Teams In The NBA This Season

Most NBA teams have hope of making the playoffs at the start of the season, but that isn't the case for a few - especially those that have gotten off to a terrible start in the NBA's first week. Here are the bottom five teams in the NBA right now:

5) Houston Rockets

The Rockets obviously have more talent than anyone else on this list and are still title contenders, but losing your first two games by 20 points apiece - including one to the Denver Nuggets - is cause for some alarm.

4) Brooklyn Nets

Brook Lopez is an All-Star, but the Nets have nothing else going for them as they start a rebuilding process of their own. A 15-point loss to the Bulls and 27-point loss to the Spurs show just that.

3) Los Angeles Lakers

What a mess. Kobe Bryant is the Lakers' only hope as this season is more about seeing how LA's young players - specifically Julius Randle and D'Angelo Russell - mesh together. Randle has looked promising while Russell, well, hasn't. Their defense hasn't looked great either, giving up 122 points per game.

2) Charlotte Hornets

Charlotte looked dreadful in their season-opening blowout loss to the Heat then lost on the road to the Hawks despite playing as well as they possibly can. They have no player they can rely on to carry them on a nightly basis, and have no promising young talent. Expect them to start a long rebuilding process this year. 

1) Philadelphia 76ers

Anyone surprised? 

Jahlil Okafor is the favorite to win Rookie of the Year and showed it in the season opener, but the rest of the roster is still very much a work in progress. They're 0-2 on the season haven't showed much hope for a turnaround this year.

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