Predicting Where The Top 10 NBA Free Agents Will Sign This Offseason

2019 NBA Free Agency is just around the corner and the rumors continue to heat up as this year’s free agent class is loaded. How does Kevin Durant’s ruptured Achilles impact his options this summer, but also the rest of NBA free agency? Chat Sports host Thomas Mott goes through the top 10 free agents and where he thinks each of them might land this offseason.

Kevin Durant isn’t the only major free agent, there’s also Raptors forward Kawhi Leonard who carried the Raptors all season long. Does he stay in Toronto or go elsewhere? Klay Thompson’s ACL tear throws another wrench into this list, but he’s still expected to stay with the Warriors. Thomas offers a couple of other teams Klay could consider. Then of course there’s the pair of point guards in Kyrie Irving and Kemba Walker? Who lands the top floor generals in NBA free agency?

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Check out Thomas’ list of Top 10 free agents:

- #10 D’Angelo Russell
- #9 DeMarcus Cousins
- #8 Tobias Harris
- #7 Kristaps Porzingis
- #6 Jimmy Butler
- #5 Kemba Walker
- #4 Kyrie Irving
- #3 Klay Thompson
- #2 Kawhi Leonard
- #1 Kevin Durant


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