NBA, USA Basketball Recommend No Three-Pointers For Players 11-And-Under

USA Basketball and the NBA have made some new recommendations regarding the key rules of the game. The sports organizations have always strived to enhance the playing experience for the new generation players. With the help of new rules, they may achieve greater success.

Among the new introductions are lower rims, smaller basketballs, no zone defense, no 3-point scoring for 11 year-old players and younger. The use of a shot clock in games for 12 years and older is fine. These recommendations are part of a consolidated achievement by the two authoritative groups to improve the game, to make it more amusing and more comprehensible, and they relied on top experts, including experienced coaches, former players, and college sports administrators) to advance best methods for youngsters.

Before watching the games it is a good idea to check the forecasts on  if you bet. In October 2016 was introduced a program of youth health and wellness, it also included age-appropriate restrictions on the number of games played during a year. 

While the youth updates announced on Tuesday mostly concentrate on playing standards for four age groups: 7-8, 9-11, 12-14 and grades 9-12.

Let’s look through the recommendations:

- Lower rims. You probably noticed 7-8, 9-11 ages player struggle to shoot the ball because of the rim’s height to get the ball over a 10-foot rim? Now, lower rims will boost the chances of success, as reported by USA Basketball and the NBA.

- It is recommended to use a basketball 27½ inches in circumference for ages 7-8 and 28½ inches for ages 9-11. For girls 12-14 and grades 9-12, the recommendation is a 28½-inch basketball for girls and a 29½-inch basketball for boys.

- Regarding the not counting three-pointers for ages 11 and younger, the organizations consider those young players will be motivated to shoot within a relevant distance and thus grow improved technique.

Among the other recommendations:

- Identical playing time for ages 7-8, and same playing time in the first three quarters for ages 9-11.
- Use of FIBA rules for grades 9-12.

USA Basketball and the NBA realize that not every group will have an opportunity to bring into action every recommendation for numerous reasons, including expenses.

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