NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers Trade For Anthony Davis Rejected, Celtics Not Trading Kyrie, Pistons Trading Blake Griffin?

NBA trade rumors are heating up with under a week left until the 2019 NBA Trade Deadline, so update you on everything surrounding Anthony Davis, the Los Angeles Lakers and other top names who could be moved at this year’s deadline.

In the video above (and below) from NBA Now on Chat Sports, we take a look at the most recent trade offer from the Lakers to the Pelicans for Anthony Davis and why the Lakers have officially cut off trade talks from Davis. We also explain how the Celtics may be behind the delay and how that could affect trade talks this summer. 

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In other trade rumors, the Memphis Grizzlies and Toronto Raptors discussed a Kyle Lowry and Jonas Valanciunas swap for Mike Conley Marc Gasol. The problem is, Lowry found out and he’s not a happy camper now. Plus, could the Detroit Pistons trade Blake Griffin and could the Minnesota Timberwolves ship off Dario Saric? 

In other NBA Rumors and news, John Wall’s rough season has taken an even worse turn as he blew out his Achilles and his season is over. So what will the Washington Wizards do now? Plus, will the Milwaukee Bucks make a trade or not? 


The full list of today's NBA rumors covered on NBA Now from Chat Sports can be found below:
- Lakers trading the house for Davis?
- Celtics sabotaging Lakers?
- Celtics keeping Kyrie?
- Wizards blowing it up after Wall injury?
- Raptors want Grizzlies duo?
- Pistons trading Griffin?
- T'Wolves trading Saric?
- Bucks looking to make a move?

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