NBA Trade Rumors: Kawhi Leonard Latest, DeAndre Jordan To Mavs And 76ers Shopped Markelle Fultz

With the NBA Draft over and Free Agency nearly here, the NBA rumors are flowing. That includes several notable trade rumors, especially centered on Kawhi Leonard. But Leonard and the Spurs aren't the only ones involved in trade rumors. Here are all the latest NBA Trade Rumors you need to know. 

Kawhi Leonard Trade?
Beyond LeBron James' future, the status of Kawhi Leonard will perhaps be the biggest storyline of the NBA offseason? So what's the latest on a Kawhi Leonard trade? Well, Sam Amick of USA Today reports that the Spurs are still hesitant to deal their young star - preferring to try to make things work. And failing that, the Spurs would prefer to trade Kawhi to the Eastern Conference (i.e. not the Lakers). 

"Fellow West teams have been told, in essence, to get lost – none moreso than the Lakers, according to ESPN," Amick writes. "As it stands, the Spurs are determined to either fix the situation or trade Leonard to an Eastern Conference team. For teams other than the Lakers, the threat of losing Leonard in free agency next summer makes the prospect of offering meaningful assets a complicated, calculated risk."

As for other teams who have show interest, the Cleveland Cavaliers have shown interest. However, those talks have failed to gain any real traction. That's likely because the Cavs simply lack the assets needed to pull off a trade, especially compared to the Celtics or 76ers. 

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Mavs And DeAndre Jordan?
It wasn't that long ago that DeAndre Jordan nearly joined the Dallas Mavericks, before changing his mind and sticking with the Los Angeles Clippers. It was a decision that led to Cuban being beside himself. Driving around downtown Dallas begging (thru texts) Jordan's family for address to DeAndre's home. (I kid, Broussard was laughably wrong about that one). But it did lead to some bad blood, but that doesn't mean Jordan couldn't end up in Dallas. The Mavericks need a center and Mike Fisher of 247Sports reports the Mavs would forgive Jordan and could land him. 

While a trade isn't exactly likely, it could still be an option for the Mavs, if Jordan opts into his deal and wants to get traded. For what it's worth, Fish thinks Marcin Gortat and/or Nikola Vucevic are more likely to end up with the Mavs.

76ers Trading Markelle Fultz?
The 76ers don't appear to have much confidence in Markelle Fultz these days. Barely a year after making him the #1 overall pick (and moving up to get him), the 76ers have shopped Fultz. Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer says the 76ers shopped Fultz during the NBA Draft and the team's decision to draft multiple guards doesn't bode well for Fultz' future. 

"The Sixers say they aren’t shopping him," Pompey writes. "However, there was a report that they had internal discussions about packing him with Nos. 10 and 26 picks to move up into the Top 5 in Thursday’s draft. And multiple league sources have said that Fultz was available to be traded."

But, as Pompey points out, the 76ers might not end up moving Fultz for two main reasons. 1: The 76ers won't get proper value for Fultz, given his terrible first year and shooting worries. 2: Fultz can still become the guy the 76ers thought they were getting. But, Pompey does add something to monitor for the future.

"But what happens if Fultz never fully regains his shooting touch? What happens if Smith is indeed the explosive player the Sixers believe he can become? What happens if Shamet shows that he can knock down threes and run an offense?

"And what happens if they both play well and Fultz shoots just well enough to elevate his trade value?" 

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