NBA Trade Rumors: Eric Bledsoe, Jahlil Okafor And 3 Other Players Who Could Be Dealt During The Draft

The 2017 NBA Draft is less than a month away and nearly every team (save for the Warriors and Cavaliers) has turned its full attention towards it. With the draft comes trade rumors, centering on both picks and players. Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders has posted a piece about five notable players who could be moved during the NBA Draft. So for today's NBA Draft rumors roundup, the players are detailed below, with a few thoughts on each. 

SG Will Barton, Nuggets

Barton's inclusion on Kyler's list stems from Barton's preference to wait until free agency to sign a contract extension. Given the Nuggets' riches on the roster, they might not be able to afford Barton. So, Denver could try to shop Barton and ensure they get something back rather than lose him for nothing next July. Kyler reports the Nuggets like Barton, but the right offer could get them to pull the trigger on the trade. 

PG Eric Bledsoe, Suns

Here's the first of a few players on the list who have been linked in various trade rumors. Although Kyler reports his Suns sources say they don't want to trade Bledsoe, the youth movement could eventually take over. That's especially true if the Suns add yet another young points guard via the draft. His contracts makes it so that a trade might be more likely after the draft than during it. Brandon Knight could also be dealt by the Suns. 

C Jahlil Okafor, 76ers

Okafar was a popular trade candidate before the NBA Trade Deadline, but the 76ers instead dealt Nerlens Noel. Kyler reports the 76ers might not be as eager to deal Okafor as some think, but that a draft night trade could happen. However, the Sixers won't give Okafor away and it's unclear how much he's actually worth given his inconsistent play on the court. 

PG Elfrid Payton, Magic

The Magic are set to undergo a roster overhaul and that could result in Payton getting shipped out. The Magic can either look to trade Payton this offseason, or (for the first time) offer him a contract extension. Kyler reports it's more like the Magic look to shop him than extend him, although that shouldn't be a surprise given Payton's play. Kyler thinks the Magic take a point guard at No. 6 and then shop Payton in the future. 

PG Ricky Rubio, Timberwolves

Rubio has been on the trade block for sometime, so it's no surprise Kyler includes him on his list. In fact, Kyler calls the fact the Timberwolves want to trade Rubio "the worst-kept secret in the NBA." Kyler says the main reason Minnesota could have issues trading Rubio is his $13.5 million cap hit and his injury issues. Kyler suggest the Knicks are one of the main teams interested in Rubio, if they pass on a point guard in the draft or miss out on one. In the end, Kyler reports it's "more likely than not" Rubio is finally dealt.  

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