NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Big-Name Players That Could Be Dealt Before The NBA Trade Deadline

NBA Trade Rumors are heating up as the NBA Trade Deadline is approaching rapidly on February 6th. Several players are being linked to rumors including some all-star caliber players. Who are some of the top NBA players that could be dealt at the trade deadline? NBA Now host Harrison Graham goes through his Top 5 players that can be traded IN THE VIDEO ABOVE AND BELOW.

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Kevin Love continues to be linked to NBA trade rumors as the Cavaliers are in rebuild mode. The biggest drawback to a Love trade is his 4-year, $130 million contract. Can the Cavs find a suitor before the deadline? Robert Covington’s contract is much more tradeable as he’s making just over $11 million per year over the next 3 seasons. Covington’s 3-and-D ability is perfect for a contending team. Several teams are interested in him.

Derrick Rose has gone from being released by the Utah Jazz to one of the top trade targets in less than two years. He’s averaging over 18 points per game for the Pistons and has been linked to the Lakers and a few other teams. Will he get traded? Karl-Anthony Towns is perhaps the biggest “name” that could get traded. The Golden State Warriors remain as the most likely landing spot for KAT. Andre Drummond is another name to keep an eye on as the NBA Trade Deadline approaches.

Top 5 Players That Could Be Traded:
#5 Robert Covington, T’Wolves
#4 Derrick Rose, Pistons
#3 Andre Drummond, Pistons
#2 Kevin Love, Cavaliers
#1 Karl-Anthony Towns, T'Wolves

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