NBA Trade Deadline Show: DWade, Isaiah Thomas, Derrick Rose All Traded, Is Kevin Love next? Watch Live For Free

Today is the 2018 NBA Trade Deadline. Chat Sports is bringing you the #1 cable-free live NBA show on today's news and rumors-packed day! DWade, Isaiah Thomas, Derrick Rose all traded so far. We have been told to watch out for a trade involving Kevin Love. 

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The Cavs have overhauled their roster, including a deal to send Dwyane Wade back to Miami. Plus, the Lakers have also agreed to a deal and we've got a three-team trade. Will the Warriors, Spurs, Thunder or Celtics make a big trade to help them win an NBA title this year?

Chat Sports' 3 NBA Analysts Brian RaufHarris Rubenstein and Tom Downey take you up to through deadline with all of the latest rumors and trades!

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