NBA Rumors Roundup: Russell Westbrook Answers Lakers Questions, Melo Trade Still On Table?

The NBA Trade Deadline is just five days away, which means that there's plenty of blockbuster trade talk and future free agency rumors to sift through. With that in mind, here's our NBA Rumors Roundup For January 13th.

Carmelo Anthony Trade "Still A Possibility"

According to Frank Isola of the New York Daily News, New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony's protestations that he doesn't plan to seek a trade doesn't change his notion that a "blockbuster deal between Knicks, Cavs and Celtics still a possibility.":

"Anthony has also developed a close relationship with Garden chairman James Dolan, who traded for him in 2011 and signed him to a record $125 million contract in 2014.

"But the time may come when Anthony and Dolan will realize that a trade is in the best interests of both parties.

"Cleveland makes the most sense because they are a contending team and should be for as long as LeBron stays healthy. Two other possibilities are the Clippers and Celtics. Anthony owns a home in Los Angles and is close friends with All-Star point guard Chris Paul."

The aforementioned "blockbuster" three-way trade would send Anthony to Cleveland, Kevin Love to Boston, and a host of draft picks and players (likely including Timofey Mozgov) in return. For such a deal to occur, Melo would have to waive his no-trade clause -- something which Anthony has said he won't do (at least this season). More Melo speculation inside the Chat Sports iPhone and Android apps!

Russell Westbrook Dismisses Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers have been connected with both of the Oklahoma City Thunder's franchise cornerstones, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, in free agency rumors for the 2016 and 2017 offseason respectively. 

The jury remains out on the Lakers as a potential suitor, but we do know one thing -- Russell Westbrook isn't entertaining the Lakers as an option with a season and a half left on his deal with Oklahoma City.

“Nah, I like where I am now," Westbrook said this weekend when asked if he'd like to play for the Lakers, via The Oklahoman. "Oklahoma City is a great place for me.”

When asked about rooting for the Lakers as a kid, Westbrook dismissed the notion that he grew up wanting to play for the team.

“Nah, nah, I never thought I’d play in the NBA. I was just watching them,” Westbrook said.

Isaiah Thomas Gets Cryptic

Boston Celtics All-Star guard Isaiah Thomas declined to mention specifics, but he did hint that an anonymous player has been asking him about Boston and the possibility of joining the Celtics.

Via Marc D'Amico of

Initial speculation around social media points to free agent-to-be Kevin Durant, but that is unsubstantiated as of this time. Get the latest from All-Star Weekend inside our Chat Sports Android and iPhone apps!

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