NBA Rumors Roundup On Kevin Durant To The Celtics, Mike Conley, Lakers Workouts And More

The NBA Finals are underway, but most teams across the league are focusing on their offseason plans. The draft is only a few weeks away, and several teams are working on figuring out how they can land a one or more of the league's big-name free agents set to hit the open market. Here are all the latest NBA rumors you need to know. 

Kevin Durant and the Celtics? 
The Celtics reportedly will make a run at Durant, and that's something point guard Isaiah Thomas want to happen. Thomas sent out a tweet, that was later deleted, about his desire to have Durant join him in Boston. Thomas told the Boston Globe that he wants Durant to head East. 

"I definitely want to give him some time," Thomas told the Globe. "I know that was a tough series and a long season for him. I wouldn’t want anyone calling me up about the biggest decision of my life right after the season’s over. So I’ll probably give him some time and casually talk to him, and then go all-in ...I mean, do everything I can to get him to sign, somehow, someway, hopefully." 

Durant is the most coveted free agent since LeBron James was last on the open market. At age 27, Durant has many years left as one of the top players in the NBA. While it's still likely a long-shot, the addition of Durant would instantly make the Celtics one of the title favorites. 

John Wall Making Push For Durant?
Speaking of Durant, the Celtics aren't the only team that will make a push to land Durant. Durant's hometown Washington Wizards want him as well, although their point guard isn't as open about recruiting Durant. 

"If he comes, he comes, if not, got to make other plans," Wall told The Vertical. "But that’s something I haven’t talked to him about. I’m not willing to right now. He just came off a tough series. I’m trying to give him a couple of weeks, a month off, to think about what he wants to do."

Wall is friends with Durant and will eventually talk to him about heading out to D.C. But for now, Wall is giving Durant space. 

Lakers Workout Ellenson
The Lakers worked out Marquette power forward Henry Ellenson yesterday. 

The Lakers working out Ellenson is an intrigue move. He won't be the pick at No. 2 overall and won't last until No. 32. He's a likely lottery pick, so perhaps the Lakers are doing their due diligence in the event they make a deal into the back-end of the lottery. 

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Mike Conley Staying In Memphis? 
Conley is the top free agent point guard, which is why teams like the San Antonio Spurs and New York Knicks have been linked heavily to him. However, one report says Conley will likely stay in Memphis. 

After Conley, the next best point guard on the market is Rajon Rondo. After Rondo, there's a notable fall-off with Jeremy Lin, Deron Williams, Brandon Jennings and Ty Lawson. 

Knicks' PG Plans?
The Knicks' need for a point guard is obvious and it's clear new head coach Jeff Hornacek wants one. The New York Post reports Conley is at the top of the list, which isn't a surprise. While there are some concerns within the Knicks' organization about Rondo, he's the No. 2 option if they can't land Conley. Not on the team's list are Jeremy Lin and Ty Lawson, because of defensive and off-the-court issues, respectively. 

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