NBA Rumors Roundup: Dwyane Wade Updates, Monta Ellis Trade, Lance Stephenson And More

NBA free agency is here, and there has been a flurry of moves in the first few days. With the cap rising, players are landing lucrative deals, especially compared to previous seasons. Despite many of the big-names agreeing to deals, there are still several quality players left on the market. The biggest name left is Dwyane Wade and the rumors around him are flying. Here are the latest NBA rumors and news you need to know. 


Dwyane Wade has signed with the Bulls - Click Here For Details

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Latest On Wade?
We'll get to the latest on the Bulls and Wade below, but first we'll focus on the other three teams. The Bucks met with Wade, but don't have the cap space and are now out of the race. The Nuggets and their 50+ million offer are still in the mix. As are the Heat, although they aren't feeling too confident. 

The Heat could clear the cap space to offer Wade the money he wants by trading Josh McRoberts. However, even that is proving difficult.

That does not bode well for the Heat, especially since Wade's hometown team is trying to make room for him. 

Bulls After Wade?
The Chicago Bulls weren't able to meet with Wade like the other three teams because of flight delays, but they are still trying to land him. In fact, they're trying to clear cap space to afford the $50+ million Wade wants. 

It's clear the Bulls are serious about trying to bring Wade back to his hometown. However, those are two contracts that will be tough to move. 

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Potential Monta Ellis Trade? 
The Pacers have already made three trades this offseason and could pull off a fourth. If they do, it would center on shooting guard Monta Ellis. 

Sain's reports is backed up by another one, although this one has another twist on it. 

Both Glover and Sain aren't the biggest names, so take their reports with a grain of salt. However, there have been rumors of the Pacers trying to trade Ellis and having interest in Lance Stephenson. 

Latest Contract Signings
Many of the big names are off the market, but there are still a few free agents agreeing to deals. The latest signings are posted below. 

Brandon Rush - 1 year, $3.5 million with Timberwolves (Source)
Brian Roberts - 1 year, vet minimum with Hornets (Source
Langston Galloway - 2 years, money TBA (Source)

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