NBA Rumors: LeBron James To The 76ers, Kawhi Leonard Returning, Derrick Rose NBA Career Possibly Ending

Catch the latest NBA rumors, including details about LeBron heading to the Philadelphia 76ers, Kawhi Leonard coming back in March and Doc Rivers possibly heading to the New York Knicks. LeBron James made history last night by becoming the first player in league history to record 30,000 career points, 8,000 career rebounds, and 8,000 career assists, but there are lingering questions about his future with the Cleveland Cavaliers beyond this season

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Hosts Harris and Tom also discuss David Fizdale possibly joining the Lakers this offseason, Corey Brewer officially heading to the Oklahoma City Thunder, and Ersan Ilyasova joining the 76ers. They also break down Adam Silver sending a memo out to teams about tanking, LeBron averaging a triple-double in February and Derrick Rose’s career possibly coming to a close.

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Here’s a look at the full list of NBA rumors: 
-LeBron heading to the 76ers?
-Kawhi returning in March?
-Doc Rivers to the Knicks?
-David Fizdale to LA?
-Corey Brewer heading to OKC?
-76ers signing Ersan Ilyasova?
-NBA cautions teams about tanking?
-LeBron AVERAGING a triple-double?
-Derrick Rose NBA career coming to an end?

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