NBA Rumors: Julius Randle Trade? Warriors Draft Plans? NBA Schedule And Replacement Players?

NBA rumors are heating back up with the 2020 NBA season set to resume. But what will the NBA schedule be for the regular season? And in the NBA off-season, are the Warriors aiming to draft Anthony Edwards? Will the Knicks trade Julius Randle? Are the Chicago Bulls going to get a new coach? 

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NBA Trade rumors focus on the New York Knicks. There is (once again) a new regime in place which means there will be trades. Could the Knicks attempt to trade Julius Randle to free up cap space and get something back? 

NBA News on the schedule and replacement players is not yet set in stone. However, the early plan is for the NBA to allow replacements players if the ones on the roster get hurt or injured. In NBA Schedule News, the plan is to play 8 games against the first 8 teams left on the schedule who are also in Orlando. However, not every NBA team has 8 matchups left against those teams. What will the NBA schedule plan be with teams returning to action? NBA Now host Tom Downey has the latest NBA News & Rumors on today’s show.

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NBA rumors include plenty on the 2020 NBA Draft. The Warriors might get the #1 overall pick and there’s a report that if they keep it, Anthony Edwards would be the selection. But the Warriors have also met with LaMelo Ball and James Wiseman and who else could they target? The NBA Draft lottery is set for August 25th. Will the Golden State Warriors get the #1 pick in the 2020 NBA Draft? 

The Bulls could be in the market for a new head coach. Will 76ers assistant Ime Udoka replace Jim Boylen? 

Today’s NBA News & Rumors:
- Warriors Want Anthony Edwards?
- NBA Schedule?
- Julius Randle Trade?
- New Bulls Head Coach?
- NBA Replacement Players?

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