NBA Rumors: Jimmy Butler Trade, Rondo Starting Over Lonzo For Lakers, Carmelo To Be Rockets’ 6th Man

We break down the top NBA rumors and news from across the association! 

We go over Jimmy Butler demanding a trade from the Minnesota Timberwolves and asking to be traded to the Miami Heat.

We also go over other top headlines, including Carmelo Anthony coming off the bench, Rondo starting at PG for the Los Angeles Lakers and Kyrie Irving committing to the Boston Celtics.

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Our full list of rumors is below:
- Jimmy Butler trade update
- Kyrie Irving is Already On Fire
- Rudy Gobert won't ring chase
- LeBron confused by loyalty question
- Melo officially coming off the bench
- Cousins already practicing with Warriors?
- Rondo to start the season at PG?
- Kyle Lowry playing hard to find?
- Tyronn Lue with the #1 loser quote

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