NBA Roundup: Previewing All Of Tuesday's Action

Tuesday's NBA slate brings us sis games, each with a solid level of intrigue - including the Golden State Warriors going for a NBA record 16-0 start to their season. We're here to get you set for the night ahead with our NBA Roundup.

Indiana Pacers (8-5) @ Washington Wizards (6-4) (7:00pm EST)

Indiana has won two games in a row and are 8-2 after an 0-3 start, while the Wizards are on a three-game win streak of their own. The winner of this game could cement themselves as one of the top four teams in the East.

Boston Celtics (7-6) @ Atlanta Hawks (9-6) (8:00pm EST)

Atlanta has lost four of their last five games while Boston has won four of their last six. The Hawks need a win in the wost way if they want to stay among the Eastern Conference's elite, which is were the Celtics are trying to get to.

Dallas Mavericks (9-5) @ Memphis Grizzlies (7-7) (8:00pm EST)

Memphis has won four of their last five teams to rebound from an absolutely disastrous start, and the Mavs have won six of their last seven. Both teams expected to make the playoffs, so the winner of this game could have a leg up in seeding come postseason time.

Los Angeles Clippers (6-7) @ Denver Nuggets (6-8) (9:00pm EST)

Los Angeles has lost seven of their last nine games after starting 4-0, and they really need a win to get themselves back on track. Denver also needs to win if they want to stay relevant in the playoff race as they've lost four of their last five.

Chicago Bulls (8-4) @ Portland Trail Blazers (6-9) (10:00pm EST)

Portland has won two games in a row to snap a seven-game losing streak, and Chicago has won four of their last five games. Chicago needs a win to keep up with the Cavs at the top of the East, while Portland is looking for a marquee win to prove they can compete for the playoffs.

Los Angeles Lakers (2-11) @ Golden State Warriors (15-0) (10:30pm EST)

Golden State can record the best start in NBA history with a win over the Lakers, who desperately need something to spark any sign of life into their season. Expect the Warriors to make history tonight barring a HUGE upset.

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