NBA Power Rankings: Warriors Still At Top Despite Loss To Spurs

With less than one month remaining in the NBA season, many teams across the league are jockeying for playoff positioning, while others are fighting to see who will get more ping pong balls in the NBA Draft Lottery. The Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs squared off on Saturday in a game between the two best teams in the league, and though the Spurs won, Golden State still sits atop our rankings for a multitude of reasons. See where your team ranks in our newest NBA Power Rankings:

1) Golden State Warriors (62-7)
The Warriors are still on pace to set the NBA record for most wins in a season and, let's not forget, they beat the Spurs by 30 in their first matchup. The loss to San Antonio does show some parity as we head to the postseason, but they're still the clear-cut best team.

2) San Antonio Spurs (59-10)
San Antonio's win over Golden State tells you everything you need to know about their production. Plus, they have the highest point differential in the league.

3) Cleveland Cavaliers (49-20)
Cleveland has been finding their groove under new head coach Tyronn Lue as they've been atop the Eastern Conference all  year.

4)  Toronto Raptors (48-21)
Toronto is as hot as anyone in the league and are only one game behind Cleveland for first place in the East. They have won 13 of their last 16 games.

5) Los Angeles Clippers (43-26)
LA contiues to play at a high level without star forward Blake Griffin, though they aren't quite at the level of the other teams atop this list.

6) Oklahoma City Thunder (48-22)
The Thunder have all the talent to compete with the Warriors and Spurs, but they've lost a NBA-high 12 games when leading entering the fourth quarter. That's something they need to get fixed sooner rather than later.

7) Atlanta Hawks (41-29)
The team currently holding that No. 3 seed, Atlanta has flexed their muscle of late, winning eight of their last nine games.

8) Charlotte Hornets (39-30)
Charlotte has been on an absolutely blistering pace, going 16-5 since the end of January. That stretch has put them firmly in the playoffs and competing for the No. 3 seed in the East.

9) Boston Celtics (40-30)
Boston has steadily kept their place among the better teams in the league all season. However, they have lost four of their last six games.

10) Portland Trail Blazers (36-35)
Portland has cooled off dramatically since their red-hot January and February, but they're still one of the most dangerous teams in the league - shown by their 137-105 win over Golden State.

11) Miami Heat (40-20)
Miami has lost ground on the other top teams in the East, losing three of their last six games.

12) Indiana Pacers (36-33)
Indiana has been inconsistent all year, but they're safely in the playoffs in teh Eastern Conference.

13) Houston Rockets (35-35)
Houston's inconsistent season will result in a playoff berth, but they still haven't been able to to gain any momentum, losing three of their last five games.

14) Utah Jazz (34-36)
Utah his fighting to claim one of the final two playoff spots in the Western Conference and are surging in the right direction, winning six of their last seven games.

15) Dallas Mavericks (35-35)
The Mavs have been stuck in mediocrity over the past few weeks and are limping into the playoffs, losing seven of their last nine games.

16) Memphis Grizzlies (40-30)
Memphis sits in this spot because of the tremendous surge they're on, but losing center Marc Gasol for the season with a broken foot has started to put them into a tailspin.

17) Detroit Pistons (36-34)
Detroit is fighting to get one of the final playoff spots in the East are are starting to play better after an inconsistent stretch, winning three of their last five games.

18) Chicago Bulls (35-33)
Chicago has the advantage on Detroit for the No. 8 seed in the East because they've played less games, but they are playing much worse, losing seven of their last 12 games.

19) Washington Wizards (34-35)
Washington is doing their best to get into the playoff mix by winning four games in a row after a five game losing streak.

20) Denver Nuggets (29-41)
Denver has been better than expected this season and are moving in the right direction, winning five of their last eight games.

21) Milwaukee Bucks (30-40)
Milwaukee has failed to deliver on their preseason expectations but are playing better of late having won four of their last six games.

22) Orlando Magic (29-40)
Orlando looked ready to make a surge up the Eastern Conference standings this season but have been absolutely reeling since the calendar flipped to 2016, going 10-27 over their last 37 games.

23) New York Knicks (28-43)
New York is another team that has dropped terribly in the standings, going 8-23 since Jan. 12.

24) Minnesota Timberwolves (22-47)
This young Timberwolves team is showing promise for the future, though it hasn't resulted in wins just yet.

25) New Orleans Pelicans (26-43)
New Orleans is in a terrible backslide, losing nine of their last 12 games.

26) Sacramento Kings (27-42)
Sacramento has been an absolutely mess the second half of the season. They have gone 7-19 since Jan. 23.

27) Brooklyn Nets (19-50)
Brooklyn is the best of the four teams that are clearly below everyone else in the league. Still, they're not very good.

28) Los Angeles Lakers (14-55)
The Lakers are showing some fight of late, capped off with their 112-95 win over the Warriors.

29) Phoenix Suns (19-50)
The terrible Suns have also shown signs of life under new head coach Earl Watson, going 4-4 over their last eight games.

30) Philadelphia 76ers (9-61)
After another lost season, the Sixers will be lucky to win another game after shutting Jahlil Okafor down for the season. They are on a five-game losing streak.

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