NBA Power Rankings Entering The 2019-20 NBA Season

The NBA is back as the 2019-20 NBA season tips off in less than a week. The NBA preseason is all but done as the regular season is finally here. NBA Free Agency created a power shift in the league with Kevin Durant leaving the Warriors for the Nets, Kawhi Leonard choosing the Clippers and bringing Paul George with him and the Rockets trading Chris Paul for Russell Westbrook. NBA Now host Harrison Graham gives you his NBA Power Rankings for all 30 teams heading into the regular season.

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NBA in Los Angeles is on fire as both the Lakers and the Clippers enter the season with championship expectations. The Lakers traded for Anthony Davis to pair with LeBron James and the Clippers added Kawhi Leonard and Paul George to a playoff roster. Which LA team ranks higher heading into the season? Giannis Antetekounmpo is coming off an MVP season, but wants more after his Bucks squad fell short in the Eastern Conference Finals. Where do they rank among the elite in the NBA? Do they come in ahead or behind the revamped Philadelphia 76ers?

The Rockets, Trail Blazers, Jazz and Bucks are all hoping to breakthrough in the Western Conference. Houston traded Chris Paul and four 1st round picks for Russell Westbrook to revamp their team. Where does Golden State fit in the NBA Power Rankings? Durant is gone and Klay Thompson is hurt. Harrison gives his thoughts on where the Warriors fit right now. Durant’s new team, the Brooklyn Nets, are probably a year away from major contention as KD will likely miss the entire season with a ruptured Achilles.

Check out the entire NBA Power Rankings:
#30 Charlotte Hornets
#29 Washington Wizards
#28 Cleveland Cavaliers
#27 Phoenix Suns
#26 Memphis Grizzlies
#25 New York Knicks
#24 Minnesota Timberwolves
#23 Chicago Bulls
#22 Atlanta Hawks
#21 Detroit Pistons
#20 Oklahoma City Thunder
#19 Miami Heat
#18 Sacramento Kings
#17 Dallas Mavericks
#16 New Orleans Pelicans
#15 Orlando Magic
#14 Indiana Pacers
#13 Toronto Raptors
#12 San Antonio Spurs
#11 Brooklyn Nets
#10 Boston Celtics
#9 Portland Trail Blazers
#8 Golden State Warriors
#7 Houston Rockets
#6 Utah Jazz
#5 Denver Nuggets
#4 Philadelphia 76ers
#3 Los Angeles Lakers
#2 Milwaukee Bucks
#1 Los Angeles Clippers

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