NBA Players Who Could Be Traded In 2019 Feat. Jimmy Butler, Bradley Beal, Kevin Love & Clint Capela

The 2019 NBA offseason is going strong & there are numerous NBA trade rumors heating up around notable players such as Chris Paul, Bradley Beal, Kevin Love, Clint Capela, Steven Adams & more. The Houston Rockets are reportedly willing to revamp its entire roster in order to build a contending team around James Harden. That could include trading Chris Paul & Clint Capela in order to make a run for Jimmy Butler in NBA free agency. Bradley Beal is another star player being included in the latest NBA trade rumors. He has been linked to teams such as the Lakers & Thunder, but it has been reported that the Wizards are not looking to trade Beal any longer. What do you think the Wizards will end up doing with Bradley Beal?

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Kevin Love is the best player on the Cleveland Cavaliers, but the Cavs are a really bad team that can not sign any free agents due to its lack of cap space. This makes Kevin Love an asset that could be used in a trade to help improve the Cavs roster. Kevin Love is 30 years old and would probably want to be traded to an NBA team that is a playoff contender. Steven Adams has recently been thrown into NBA trade rumors, with the Boston Celtics as the apparent team pursuing Adams through trade. The Celtics are most likely going to lose center Al Horford in free agency, so they are acting fast to try & fill the void under the basket. Andrew Wiggins is another player that could be on the trade market because he has not lived up to expectations since signing a 5-year, $148MM max contract in 2018, but that contract could be an issue for the Timberwolves finding trade suitors.

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Here is the complete list of NBA players who could be traded in 2019:
- Kevin Love
- Steven Adams
- Clint Capela/Jimmy Butler
- Bradley Beal
- Domantas Sabonis
- Andrew Wiggins
- Chris Paul

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