NBA Free Agency Winners & Losers Feat. Clippers, Knicks, Nets, Mavs, Raptors & Hornets

NBA free agency is almost over now that all of the top NBA free agents no longer available. It was one of the craziest NBA offseasons to date with players such as Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker & DeMarcus Cousins signing with new teams in 2019. The biggest NBA free agency winners have to be the Los Angeles Clippers who acquired Kawhi Leonard & traded for Paul George to form one of the best duos in the NBA & a team loaded with defensive talent. The Nets are a close second with the additions of Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving. The Utah Jazz & Indiana Pacers are other teams that have drastically improved their teams this Summer.

The New York Knicks are the biggest NBA free agency losers because they had two max-contract slots available & struck out on players such as Kawhi, KD & Kyrie before they had to settle for Julius Randle. Knicks fans are in shambles & will have to root for another mediocre team at best. The Dallas Mavericks made a handful of free agency moves, but it wasn’t the offseason Mavs fans were expecting with the amount of cap space Dallas was working with. The Raptors lost Kawhi Leonard & Danny Green to both LA teams, so they will not be nearly as good next season. Finally, the Hornets lost Kemba Walker & signed Terry Rozier to a ridiculous contract, so Michael Jordan can not seem to build a contending team in Charlotte.

NBA Free Agency Winners:
#5 Pacers
#4 Jazz
#3 Heat
#2 Nets
#1 Clippers

NBA Free Agency Losers:
#5 Hornets
#4 Rockets
#3 Raptors
#2 Mavericks
#1 Knicks

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