NBA Free Agency Rumors: Celtics Keeping Rozier And Smart, No Max For Kyrie, Rockets Want George

There are plenty of NBA free agency rumors and news to sort through as we get closer and closer to the start of the offseason. We break down the new reports that the Celtics want to keep Terry Rozier and Marcus Smart to give this current Celtics team a chance to win the Finals. We also cover Celtics play-by-play announcer Mike Gorman saying that a max contract for Kyrie Irving is “no longer a given”. We also cover the Rockets going after Paul George if they can’t sign LeBron.

Later, we break down the New York Knicks preparing themselves for the summer of 2019 and who they could be looking to sign, as well as the Brooklyn Nets wanting to add a “stretch” 4. Finally, we cover the 76ers eyeing Paul George and the Rockets making sure they sign Chris Paul first.

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Here is our list of NBA Free Agency rumors:
- Danny Green declining option?
- Rockets okay paying Paul?
- Knicks setting themselves up for NEXT summer?
- Nets want to add a stretch 4?
- 76ers confirmed eyeing George?
- Rockets want Paul George?
- Rockets want their FA back?
- Celtics to keep Rozier, Smart?
- Max deal for Kyrie not a given?

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