NBA Free Agency: 5 Teams That Can Sign Jimmy Butler In 2019 Feat. Rockets, Lakers, Nets & Knicks

Jimmy Butler is one of the hottest names in NBA Free Agency this Summer. He helped lead the Philadelphia 76ers to the NBA playoffs, but it is uncertain whether Butler will return to the Sixers in 2019. This is mainly because it has been reported that Jimmy Butler is unhappy in Philly. Butler also published an instagram post on May 16 thanking his 76ers fans & teammates. Could that have been Butler’s farewell to the Sixers?

In the video above, NBA Now host Jimmy Crowther break down 5 teams that can sign Jimmy Butler this NBA offseason, including the Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers, Brooklyn Nets, New York Knicks & Philadelphia 76ers.

The Houston Rockets are the reported frontrunners in the Jimmy Butler sweepstakes as they are looking for a 3rd superstar to pair with James Harden & Chris Paul. Jimmy Butler is a Houston native, so it probably wouldn’t take much persuasion to talk Butler into moving back home. Plus, Texas does not have a luxury tax, which means more money for Butler. The Los Angeles Lakers are another suitor interested in Jimmy Butler. LeBron James & Anthony Davis are making a push to form a big 3 in LA & Jimmy Butler is hot on their radar.

The Brooklyn Nets are a team that could be a sleeper landing spot for Jimmy Butler. The Nets have two max slots available and would likely have to land another max superstar in order to persuade Jimmy Butler to go to Brooklyn. The New York Knicks are in the same boat as the Nets. Even though the Knicks are one of the most prestigious NBA organizations with a superb fan base, things have not been so great for the Knicks in recent years & it seems as if there aren’t any superstars that want to take a leap of faith in New York. Maybe that has something to do with the front office? If none of these teams are able to sign Jimmy Butler, he could return back to Philly & continue building a championship contender with Ben Simmons & Joel Embiid.

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