NBA Finals Rumors: Tristan Thompson Facing Suspension, J.R. Smith’s Blows It, LeBron's Busted Eye

After a wild Game 1 between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors, there are plenty of 2018 NBA Finals news and rumors to sort through including the possible suspension of Tristan Thompson. First, we cover J.R. Smith’s unexplainable mistake that he made in the waning seconds of Game 1 and looked at some of his past errors to see if they can lead us to an answer. We then cover the rumor from Colin Cowherd that LeBron James might sit out a year and wait to see how the NBA shakes out before he signs with a team.

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Later, we cover the possibility of Tristan Thompson getting suspended after he started a scuffle at the end of overtime after getting ejected from the game. While we are still waiting on his announcement, the NBA announced that Cavs F Kevin Love will not be suspended. We also go over whether or not Warriors F Andre Iguodala is going to play in Game 2 and lay out how LeBron James played most of the 2nd half with one eye.

Here is our list of NBA Finals rumors:
- Was J.R. Smith high?
- LeBron James to sit out a year?
- Tristan Thompson getting suspended?
- Andre Iguodala back for Game 2?
- LeBron played with one eye?
- NBA changing charge rule after last night?

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