NBA Finals News And Rumors: Steve Kerr Could Coach Game 2, Klay Thompson Latest, LeBron James And More

Game 1 of the NBA Finals is in the book, as the Golden State Warriors picked up a 113-91 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers after a big second half. The Cavs will now try to make adjustments, while the Warriors might get another boost for Game 2: the return of head coach Steve Kerr. Check out the latest NBA news and rumors from the Finals below. 

Steve Kerr Return?
Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has been out with back problems since the middle of the first round of the NBA Playoffs, but he could be back for Sunday's Game 2, per an ESPN report.

"He may coach Sunday. He's feeling better," a source close to Kerr told ESPN's Marc Spears. 

Kerr had been feeling well enough earlier this week to be hopeful that he would be able to coach in Game 1 on Thursday, but according to team sources, after he had a bad day Wednesday, he decided it was best for acting head coach Mike Brown to continue leading the team.

If Kerr feels well for both days until Sunday, then perhaps he'll make his return for Game 2 in Oakland. If he's unable, interim coach Mike Brown will continue to serve as head coach. 

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Klay Thompson Leaving? 
As his shooting continues to struggle, Splash Brother Klay Thomspon has taken a backseat in the Warriors offense. Of course, it hasn't really affected their on-court play and Thompson continues to play strong defense. Still, that hasn't stopped C.J. McCollum from claiming Thompson will leave the Warriors. 

Here's the problem with McCollum's view: there's a pretty good chance he's wrong. The Warriors have Thompson under contract for the next two years and the Warriors will still be able to give him a massive contract when that one's up. Plus, Thompson has never indicated he wants to be the alpha dog on an NBA team. He appears perfectly content serving as a secondary option on one of the best NBA teams ever and winning titles. Don't expect Thompson to leave Golden State unless something drastic changes. 

LeBron James Comments On KD
The best player on the court in Game 1 wasn't LeBron James but Kevin Durant. After Game 1, James had praise for the Warriors and KD. 

"KD," James said when asked what stood out from Game 1. "I mean, you take one of the best teams that we had ever assembled last year, that we saw in the regular season and in the postseason, and then in the offseason, you add a high-powered offensive talent like that and a great basketball IQ like that, that's what stands out. I mean, it's no ifs, ands or buts. It is what it is. We got to figure out how to combat that, which is going to be a tough challenge for us."

Head coach Tyronn Lue agreed with James, calling the Warriors "the best I've ever seen."

Khloe Kardashian Pregnant With Tristan Thompson's Kid?
Thompson had a bad Game 1, putting up zero points and just four rebounds. Perhaps his mind was elsewhere, as there's a report his girlfriend, Khloe Kardashian is pregnant. This would be Thompson's second child, if the report is true. His son Prince was born back in December. Thompson's relationship with Kardashian might not be a good thing for the Cavs, given the well-documented Kardashian curse for sports figures. 

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