NBA Draft Rumors: Bulls Or Suns Trading For #4, Celtics Keeping Picks, Sekou Doumbouya & Bol Bol?

The 2019 NBA Draft is nearly here and there are several NBA draft rumors to discuss. There remain a few NBA trade rumors, including the possibility the Chicago Bulls and Phoenix Suns want the #4 overall pick. If the Pelicans keep the #4 pick, who could they take? And what are the latest rumors on Sekou Doumbouya, Bol Bol, the Wizards, Heat and Celtics

The New Orleans Pelicans have a decision to make that will really start the draft: trade the #4 pick to a team like the Suns or Bulls or keep it. If they keep it, there’s a report they like Coby White more than Darius Garland. However, that doesn’t make a ton of sense given their roster.

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In NBA Draft Rumors, Sekou Doumbouya had a strong workout for the Chicago Bulls. He’s reportedly in play for them at #7 overall, but is that the best selection for them? Bol Bol is no doubt talented, but medical and weight worries could drop him out of the Lottery. 

NBA Rumors on the Washington Wizards bringing both Coby White and Nasir Little for a workout are also on the show. Plus, could the Miami Heat package the #13 overall pick to clear salary cap space? And could the Boston Celtics elect to keep all three of their 1st round picks this year?

In the video above and below, Tom Downey breaks down all the latest NBA draft news and rumors: 

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