NBA Draft 2019: Draft Grades, Winners, Losers & Complete Results

2019 NBA Draft Winners, Losers & complete results. The NBA Draft is officially over & NBA Now hosts Tom Downey & Jimmy Crowther break down the draft grades for all 30 teams with their analysis of each team’s draft picks, including the biggest winners & losers from the 2019 NBA Draft. 

Zion Williamson was the #1 pick to the New Orleans Pelicans which led to the Memphis Grizzlies selecting Ja Morant and as expected the New York Knicks drafted RJ Barrett #3. After those three picks the 2019 NBA Draft got hectic. The Lakers traded the #4 pick to the Pelicans in the Anthony Davis trade and then New Orleans traded the #4 pick to the Hawks. Round one was packed with trades, a few reaches and plenty of international players highlighted by Gonzaga’s Rui Hachimura becoming the first player born in Japan to be drafted in the first round of the NBA Draft.

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Round 2 was just as chaotic as round 1 as we saw Bol Bol fall all the way to pick #44. Tacko Fall from UCF ended up going undrafted. Which NBA team had the best draft? Which team had the worst draft?

In the video above and below, Tom Downey & Jimmy Crowther break down the 2019 NBA Draft grades for all 30 teams: 

2019 NBA Draft Grades:
Atlanta Hawks - Grade: Tom's: A | Jimmy's: A    
Boston Celtics - Grade: Tom's: B | Jimmy's: B-
Brooklyn Nets - Grade: Tom's: B | Jimmy's: B+    
Charlotte Hornets - Grade: Tom's: D | Jimmy's: C    
Chicago Bulls - Grade: Tom's: A | Jimmy's: A    
Cleveland Cavaliers - Grade:    Tom's: A- | Jimmy's: B+    
Dallas Mavericks - Grade: Tom's: C | Jimmy's: B-    
Denver Nuggets - Grade: Tom's: A | Jimmy's: A+    
Detroit Pistons - Grade: Tom's: A | Jimmy's: A+    
Golden State Warriors - Grade: Tom's: C+ | Jimmy's: C    
Houston Rockets - Grade: Tom's: N/A | Jimmy's: N/A    
Indiana Pacers - Grade: Tom's: B | Jimmy's: A    
Los Angeles Clippers - Grade: Tom's: B- | Jimmy's: B-    
Los Angeles Lakers - Grade:    Tom's: C+ | Jimmy's: B+    
Memphis Grizzlies - Grade: Tom's: A+ | Jimmy's: A+    
Miami Heat - Grade:    Tom's: C | Jimmy's: C+    
Milwaukee Bucks - Grade: Tom's: N/A | Jimmy's: N/A    
Minnesota Timberwolves - Grade: Tom's: B- | Jimmy's: A    
New Orleans Pelicans - Grade: Tom's: A | Jimmy's: A+    
New York Knicks - Grade: Tom's: A- | Jimmy's: A    
Oklahoma City Thunder - Grade:  Tom's: C- | Jimmy's: D    
Orlando Magic - Grade: Tom's: D | Jimmy's: C-    
Philadelphia 76ers - Grade: Tom's: B | Jimmy's: A    
Phoenix Suns - Grade: Tom's: C- | Jimmy's: C    
Portland Trail Blazers - Grade: Tom's: A | Jimmy's: A    
Sacramento Kings - Grade: Tom's: C | Jimmy's: D+    
San Antonio Spurs - Grade: Tom's: A- | Jimmy's: B+    
Toronto Raptors - Grade: Tom's: D | Jimmy's: D    
Utah Jazz - Grade: Tom's: C | Jimmy's: B-    
Washington Wizards - Grade: Tom's: C | Jimmy's: C-    

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