NBA All-Star Starters Announced - See Who Made The Cut And Who Was Snubbed

The NBA announced the starters for the 2016 NBA All-star game today. The starters were selected by fan vote and a few worthy candidates weren't named starters. We've listed the number of votes for each candidate as well. Here's who will be starting the NBA All-Star game and who was snubbed. 

Eastern Conference Starters:
LeBron James, Cavaliers, 1,089,206
Dwyane Wade Heat, 941,466
Paul George, Pacers, 711,595
Kyle Lowry, Raptors, 646,441
Carmelo Anthony, Knicks, 567,348

LeBron leading the way shouldn't surprise anyone. Lowry checks in at No. 4 among Eastern conference starters in Player Efficiency Rating, while George is 17th, Wade is 19th and Melo is No. 18. 

Notable Eastern Conference Omissions:
Atlanta Hawks forward Paul Millsap (41,654) and Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside (301,362) weren't close to being starters, but are No. 2 and 3 in PER. The voters clearly preferred the star power of players like Wade and Anthony. The Bulls' Jimmy Butler (564,637) was fourth in voting among guards, behind the Cavs' Kyrie Irving (580,651). That's despite Irving not playing for much of the season. For more on the Eastern Conference All-Stars, check out the Chat Sports Android and iPhone app.  

Western Conference Starters: 
Kobe Bryant, Lakers, 1,891,614
Stephen Curry, Warriors, 1,604,325
Kevin Durant, Thunder, 980,787
Kawhi Leonard, Spurs, 782,339
Russell Westbrook, Thunder, 772,009

Kobe led all vote getters, which shouldn't be much of a surprise since this is his final All-Star game. Curry is in the midst of an incredible season, and really should be the leading vote getter. Durant, Westbrook and Leonard are all among the top five players in ESPN's Player Efficiency Ratings. 

Notable Western Conference Omissions: 
Mavericks big man Zaza Pachulia (768,112) was fourth among frontcourt players and just barely missed starting. Warriors' forward Draymond Green (726,616) was close as well. Clippers' guard Chris Paul (624,334) would have earned the starting nod if Bryant wasn't in the voting. Anthony Davis (400,688) and DeMarcus Cousins (364, 270) didn't come very close, despite carrying their teams for much of this season. For more on the Western Conference All-Stars, check out the Chat Sports Android and iPhone app.  

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