LeBron James On Trump: Cavs And Warriors Don't Want White House Invitation

When a professional sports team wins the championship, the team normally visits the White House to visit the President. However, yesterday, Donald Trump canceled the Philadelphia Eagles visit the White House for the Super Bowl celebration on Tuesday. 

In response to that news, Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James was asked today during a press conference what he thought of Trump dis-inviting the Eagles and canceling their White House visit.

“It’s typical of him. I’m not surprised," said LeBron. "Typical of him and I know no matter who wins his series, no one wants the invite anyway. It won’t be Golden State or Cleveland going.” 

The Warriors and Cavs are set to play Game 3 of the NBA Finals on Wednesday and it appears the winner of the series - no matter who it is - may not be visiting the White House. Golden State did not visit after beating Cleveland in the Finals last season.

Last April, numerous New England Patriots players decided to not attend the White House after winning Super Bowl LI, but the team did attend. The Pittsburgh Penguins also attended the White House after they won the Stanley Cup and the Houston Astros did the same after they won the World Series.

This is a developing story. Refresh for updates. 

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