LeBron James: Top 10 NBA Free Agency Destinations

After another disappointing NBA Finals performance, LeBron James is again searching for a new NBA team this offseason. We break down the top 10 destinations for LeBron as a free agent and go through the likelihood of each option.

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We go through his chances of signing with the Los Angeles Lakers and how difficult it is to ignore the past four years of rumors. We cover the Philadelphia 76ers and their chances to sign LeBron James coming off the wild Bryan Colangelo Twitter saga. We also cover his chances of returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers and whether or not it is even possible from a money perspective for LeBron to join the Houston Rockets.

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Here is our top 10 destinations for LeBron James:
#10: Los Angeles Clippers
#9: Milwaukee Bucks
#8: Golden State Warriors
#7: Boston Celtics
#6: New York Knicks
#5: San Antonio Spurs
#4: Houston Rockets
#3: Cleveland Cavaliers
#2: Philadelphia 76ers
#1: Los Angeles Lakers

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