LeBron James Rumors: LeBron Down To Lakers Or Cavaliers, Approves Collin Sexton Draft Pick And His Dialogue With Cavs

LeBron James Rumors on The Cam Rogers Show is presented by FanDuel - Sign Up and deposit today to get $10 FREE and play World Cup and MLB games to win real money! With June 29th exactly a week away and the NBA Draft behind us, all eyes are on LeBron James’ decision. He has a week to decide whether or not he will opt into his player option with the Cavs. Has LeBron decided which team he wants to play for? Did the Cavs make a smart pick in the 2018 NBA Draft? Are the Cavs and LeBron finally talking about their future together? Cam Rogers breaks down the latest buzz surrounding the best player in the NBA.

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The latest Vegas odds still hold the Los Angeles Lakers as the favorites to sign LeBron James in the summer 2018 - but the Cavs, 76ers, and Rockets are still in the conversation. But, is James actively recruiting players to the Cavs? Is his family adamant about remaining in Ohio? Cam breaks down all of the factors involved.

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Today on The Cam Rogers Show presented by FanDuel, Cam discusses whether LeBron James has narrowed down his options for his free agency decision. Cam also addresses LeBron James’ reaction to the Cavs #8 overall draft pick. Cam then breaks down LeBron’s dialogue with the Cavs.

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