LeBron James Rumors: Chris Paul Says No Rockets, Knicks Recruiting LeBron, And 2018 NBA Draft

The 2018 NBA free agency period officially begins on July 1st, and the latest NBA rumors suggest LeBron James will not join the Houston Rockets. According to Stephen A. Smith, Chris Paul is currently telling friends that LeBron will not be joining the team. Meanwhile, Enes Kanter of the New York Knicks is actively recruiting LeBron. Are the Lakers still the favorite, or is another team emerging? Hosts Cam Rogers and Harris Rubenstein break down the latest LeBron James rumors on NBA Weekly.

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Harris and Cam also discuss the Cavs likely not knowing LeBron's free agency decision by the time the 2018 NBA Draft comes along. LeBron has until June 29th to exercise his player option. Meanwhile, the Cavs are reportedly making calls to acquire Kemba Walker - Cam and Harris break that down.

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Here's the full list of LeBron James rumors:
- No Houston Rockets for LeBron?
- Enes Kanter recruiting LeBron?
- Cavs won’t know LeBron’s plans by draft night?
- LeBron prefers to stay in CLE?
- Cavs eyeing Kemba Walker?
- Cavs won’t blow up the team if LeBron leaves?

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