LeBron James Rumors: 76ers Have “Leg Up”, Richard Jefferson Thinks Portland Is A Possiblity

There are plenty of LeBron James rumors and news to sort through as we get closer and closer to Game 3 of the 2018 NBA Finals. We first go through former LeBron teammate Richard Jefferson saying that the Portland Trail Blazers are the best destination for LeBron James in a recent interview. We break down the likelihood of that amid rumors that the 76ers may have a leg up for LeBron due to him and star PG Ben Simmons sharing an agent. 

Later, we break down whether or not Chris Paul has started recruiting LeBron already and how the LeBron sweepstakes has thrown Vegas odds out of whack. Finally, we cover LeBron’s legacy in the playoffs and whether or not he’s the greatest postseason performer in NBA history.

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Here is our list of LeBron James rumors:
- LeBron to the Blazers?
- LBJ best playoff performer ever?
- 76ers have a "leg up" for LeBron?
- Bron has Vegas odds out of sorts?
- No team is a "perfect option"?
- Chris Paul already recruiting LeBron?

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