LeBron James, Kevin Durant, And Paul George Lead Loaded Top 10 NBA Free Agents List In Summer 2018

With the 2018 NBA offseason right around the corner, it is time to break down the hottest players who are set to hit the open market this summer. Many teams such as the Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Lakers have tossed their hat into the ring of contention for LeBron James, but what are the chances the King stays in Cleveland? And if LeBron does sign with a different team, what would the starting 5 look like? Kevin Durant has stated he does not plan on leaving Golden State this offseason, but could the San Antonio Spurs make a deal for KD that he just couldn’t refuse? And what would that court look like?

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All these questions and more answered on NBA Weekly with Tom Downey and Harris Rubenstein! 

Full list of top 10 free agents listed below: 

LeBron James (SF, Cavs)
Kevin Durant (SF, Warriors)
Paul George (SF, Thunder)
Chris Paul (PG, Rockets)
DeMarcus Cousins (C, Pelicans)
DeAndre Jordan (C, Clippers)
Carmelo Anthony (F, Thunder)
Isaiah Thomas (G, Lakers)
Aaron Gordon (F, Magic)
Jabari Parker (F, Bucks)

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